Once you have described your processes, and communicated on them, you’ll certainly need to audit if processes are used as they were designed.

The Audit module helps you to keep a track of your process audits results.


Describe audit requirements

Audit requirements are described in the Activities designer form, in the “Audit” tab.

You can access each activity form by using the “See” button in the activities tree.


Prepare audits

Before you create an audit, you must select which processes or activities are auditables.

This can be done by selecting each auditable activity in the activities tree, by using the checkbox.

You can also use the “Select processes” button, that will check all processes of the activities tree.


Create an audit

To create an audit, provide an audit date in the main menu, and use the “Create an audit” button.

The audit date uniquely identify audits within an audit campaign: This is the open date of your audit campain.

If you need to incrementaly create audit reports within the same audit campaign, please ensure that you reuse the same audit date.

Creating an audit will prepare blank audit reports for each selected process and activity.


Select another audit

To select another audit, simply select the start date of the audit campaign in the drop down list on top of the activities tree.


The activities tree

The activities tree represent all activities that are auditables. It provides a convenient way to enter audit results, by providing the following elements:

  • Audit result: Can be: Compliant, Non compliant/Minor, Non compliant/Major, Pending (meaning that the audit is still ongoing), or Cancelled (if for any reason you could not perform the audit)
  • Audit report date: The date when you write the audit report

The “Edit report” button open the internal text editor, so that you can write your audit report.


How to generate reports?

Once you have entered audit results and reports, you can use the “Reports” main menu and select an audit report to generate MS Word like reports.

Reports work on the current audit campaign only, so be sure to generate your audit reports each time an audit campaign is conduced, before creating the next audit campaign.


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