Diagram styles preferences

You can define new diagram styles, or customize existing diagram styles, in this form.


To update a diagram style

Select the object to update on the left pane

Select the line to update in the right pane

Update the style attributes in the bottom right pane

You’ll need to use the Macro editor to select which information to display.


To create a new diagram style

Select an existing diagram style

Click on “Create” and provide a name for the new style: The selected diagram style is copied with the new name.


Delete a diagram style

Caution: It is strongly recommended to not delete existing styles, especially the Normal, Costs simulation and Times simulation styles. If you delete these styles, you’ll need to recreate them to use the related modules in the process diagram, or revert your backup file.

To delete a diagram style, select the diagram style name, click on “Delete”, and confirm your choice.


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