Allocate produced units

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Please check the “Costs simulation (guidelines)” help page first.

This is the final step of cost simulation. In this form, you allocate produced or transformed units over output resources.

Select an activity, and:

  • Provide the activity produced or transformed quantity, and
  • for each child (output) resource, provide the produced or transformed quantity

You’ll also provide quantity units in this form.

Use this form when you know well your processes. Otherwise we recommend to use the process designer to provide produced quantities:

  • In the process diagram, select each output flow, and provide its quantity through the inspector at the bottom left of the screen, or
  • Open the activity designer (double click on the activity), enter the “Cost simulation” tab, and provide output quantities.


Value analysis

Once the cost simulation is run, each activity cost is computed. Use the “Customer value” column to input the value as seen by the customer.

You can then focus on activities with:

  • high costs, and
  • low customer value

to improve their efficiency.


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