Macro editor


The macro editor helps you to insert dynamic text into reports, and customize diagram styles.

A macro can be called with the following method, and will be replaced by its value in the text:


Example: The name of the current activity is: [ACT.SELF.NAME]

will display: “The name of the current activity is: Review a contract”



ACT An activity
RES A resource
FLW A flow
AUD An audit


The default accessor for an object is named “SELF”. It indicates that we need to access this object.

Other accessors are available, depending on the selected object.

For example, the accessor “Owner” is available for any activity, and represent the owner (a resource) of the process or activity.


Once you have selected an object and an accessor, the list of available properties for the selected object and accessor are displayed.

Properties are information handled by an activity, a resource, a flow or an audit, that you provided or that was computed.

There are multiple properties available to help you to build reports, or customize diagrams.


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