Simulation preferences

Setup here general parameters for the simulation engines.


Workload simulation

Define here:

  • The worked hours per year,
  • The worked hours per day

The worked days per year is automatically computed.


Costs simulation

Define here how the resources quantities are spread over consuming activities:

  • Manual allocation: Quantities are not automatically spread over consuming activities. You need to provide data manually.
  • Number of tasks: Quantities are spread based on the number of tasks of consuming activities.
  • Calibrated workload: Quantities are spread based on the calibrated workload of each consuming activity.

This parameter is used by the “Allocate consumed units” form of the Costs simulation.


Time simulation

Define here the displayed work days and hours, in the time diagrams.

These parameter do not influence the times simulation engine, which uses resources calendars to compute the time when resources will be available next. This is only used for display purpose.


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