SyReach Process offers a complete solution for reporting.

You can create MS Word reports, and generate a Web site, describing your processes, activities, audit reports and resources.

Reports are completely configurables: You’ll be able to:

  • Create a new report, and
  • Update one of the pre-configured reports released with SyReach Process

A report editor is included in the software. This editor allows you to create reports with simple clicks, without having programming knowledge.

MS Word reports

  • Reports are created in RTF file format. Their format is configurable, and can include process diagrams.
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Website generation

  • You can generate a complete website that describes your process baseline.
  • The generated website includes navigable process diagrams, and in-depth description of process elements, like resources usages.
  • The website style can then be edited by you or your web agency, to customize the appearance of the website.

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