Times simulation overview

The Times simulation engine allows you to:

  • determine the time to market of your products or services
  • focus on activities that impact your time to market the most, so that you can optimize their efficiency

The times simulation engine

SyReach Process includes a powerfull times simulation engine that compute, step by step, at which time a resource will be ready for delivery.

For that purpose, the software takes into account multiple parameters, like:

  • Your company work hours
  • Your employees and equipment calendar
  • Your employees and equipement availability and capacity to work over time

Once these elements are provided, simply provide a start time for each of your processes, and SyReach Process will compute the time when each activity is executed, and each resource is made available.

The times simulation engine is tightly integrated with the workload simulation engine, for better ergonomics and consistency.

Multiple outputs

You’ll be able to analyse times in different ways:

  • in a dedicated form, where each activity time is reported,
  • through diagrams: Gantt charts and multiple calendar views are available, and
  • directly through the process diagram.