Workload simulation overview

With the Workload simulation engine, you’ll be able to:

  • estimate the workload of each employee and equipment, based on the described process, and
  • better balance the workload between your employees and equipments.

How does it work?

Activities use support resources to perform their work. These resources can be, among other types, roles (employees) or equipment.

You need to calibrate each resource usage, by providing the time spent on activities. This can be done by interview, or as an estimate.

Based on these provided elements, the workload engine compute and sum up times per resources.


Workloads are provided in Full-Time Equivalent (FTE), and compared to the maximum workload set for each resource.

Overload is computed and displayed on each resource. You can then compare resources available time, and better share work among resources.

All produced data can be exported in MS Excel.

The workload engine is tightly integrated with the time engine and costs engine, for better ergonomics and consistency.