Text editor

SyReach Process provides an internal text editor setup for productivity and consistency.

The text editor provides a quick way to format your document, while ensuring a consistent graphical appearance accross all your documents: Text styles.

Text styles are located at the right of the main text editor pane. Simply click a style, and it will be applied on the whole paragraph, or selected text.

You can customize existing styles in the Text editor preferences.



Click “Open” to import existing text from MS Word documents.



Click “Save and close” to confirm your changes and close the text editor.

Click “Cancel and close” to cancel all your changes and close the text editor.


Font and Paragraph styles

You the provided lists to apply a Font style, or Paragraph style, to the selected text.


How to insert an hyperlink?

Select the text

In the bottom pane, select an hyperlink type, and enter the hyperlink

Click on “Accept” to save the hyperlink